T12 3/8″ Interposer Tubular Solenoid

Now Jewell Instruments delivers an “interposer” version of the smallest and most power-efficient tubular solenoid available in the industry! Employing the company’s patent-pending TriCore technology, the solenoid’s outer shell is machined out of solid stock, resulting in only three magnetic air gaps instead of the usual four. The result is that the solenoid’s magnetic efficiency is increased (and power consumption decreased). The T12’s small size further reduces wattage and power demands to perform the work assignment.

The T12 Interposer features an internal spring that maintains its 1/8” plunger (or “shear pin”) in an extended position (where it can “interpose” itself between, for example, a latch or lock). When power is applied, the plunger retracts to a flush position. As such, it is ideal for battery powered locking and similar applications.

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High Power Efficiencies — The most magnetically-efficient tubular
solenoid design in the industry reduces power requirements by 25%.

Proven Performance — Built for dependability and extremely reliable
under rugged conditions.

Cost-Effective Design — Jewell Instruments’ experience in high-volume
production results in a design that is less labor-intensive to manufacture.


• Power management
• Safe locks
• Latching mechanisms
• Battery operated devices
• Computer peripherals

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