C4 C–Frame Solenoid

High-Performance C-Frame solenoid. Jewell Instruments delivers proven levels of performance and high reliability with its new MAGNETEC family of open-frame solenoids. Their coil systems are terminated with .025 inch square pins to accommodate commercially available mating terminals and connectors. The use of terminals inserted in a coil bobbin flange is far more cost effective than electrically terminating an open-frame solenoid with long leads. The materials used in the coil system are capable of withstanding a total temperature of 130°C (ambient plus heat rise)!

Additional Information


High Power Efficiencies — Very magnetically-efficient open-frame
design optimizes power consumption.

Proven Performance — Built for dependability and extremely reliable
under rugged conditions.

Cost-Effective Design — Jewell Instruments’ experience in high-volume
production results in a design that is less labor-intensive to manufacture.


• ATM machines
• Automotive
• Bill changers
• Copiers
• Disk drives
• Fax machines
• Gambling machines
• Printers
• Scanners
• Tape drives
• Circuit breaker

Performance Specifications



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