Modutec PB Series Surface Mount Panel Meters


The PB Series was designed to meet the expressed need of many customers for meters with a hard-hitting, big-dial area “industrial” look.

PB Series meters are available in many sizes, types, and ranges. Mounting stud configuration complies with ANSI standards: the number of studs is as follows: 1½” meters – 2 studs; 2½” & 3½” meters – 3 studs; 4½” meters – 4 studs. Meters in sizes 1½”, 2½”, and 3½” can be supplied in 4- stud versions at no extra cost.

AC meters in this series are offered in both d’Arsonval (rectifier type) and iron-vane versions. The latter has the virtue of greater standard accuracy and relative insensitivity to input distortion, while the rectifier type is less affected by frequency variations.

Additional information

• Available with DC, AC Iron Vane, and AC Rectified inputs
• DC: µa, mA, A, mV, V, Pyrometer (Thermocouple)
• AC: mA, A, V, Frequency
• Custom designed inputs and scales available

How to Order

Please refer to the Series PB Catalog in the Downloads section of this page. Mention any options you would like to add to your meter.

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