LCA-100 Series Accelerometer

The Jewell LCA-100 Series Accelerometer is a general-purpose ±0.5g to ±5g device which is DO-160 approved for aerospace applications. These linear accelerometers are designed for industrial, commercial and aerospace sensing requirements.



Additional Information

Dimensions 3.10 × 1.38 × 1.525 in

• Filtering Available
• Available in 28V Aircraft Input
• Connector or Pin Configuration
• 0.20% 10-year Scale Factor Stability
• Wide Bandwidths for Higher Range Applications


• Aircraft Flight Controls
• Aircraft Fatigue Monitoring
• Train Performance Testing
• Aircraft Autopilot System Input
• Aircraft Winds-shear Detection
• Double Integrated Railcar Position
• Rail Automated Train Controls

Performance Specifications


Input Range (g)±0.5±1.0±2.0±5.0
Full Range Output (VDC ±0.5%)1±5.0±5.0±5.0±5.0
Scale Factor (Volts/g nominal)
Scale Factor Temperature Sensitivity (PPM/°C maximum)180180180180
Natural Frequency (Hz nominal)260606060
Bandwidth (-3dB Hz nominal)60606060
Output Axis Misalignment (° maximum)0.710.710.710.71
Pendulous Axis Misalignment (° maximum)0.710.710.710.71
Bias (g)±0.01±0.01±0.01±0.01
Bias Temperature Sensitivity (µg/°C maximum)100100100100
Resolution & Threshold (µg maximum)10101010


Number of Axes1
Input Voltage Range (VDC)±12 to ±18
Input Current (mA maximum)25
Output Impedance (Ω nominal)100
Noise (Vrms maximum)0.005


Operating Temperature Range-55 to +85 °C
Storage Temperature Range-60 to +90 °C
Vibration (grms)0
Shock100g, 0.011 sec, ½ sine
SealMIL-STD-202, Mtd. 112


1:Full range is defined "from negative full input acceleration to positive full acceleration."
2: Output Phase angle =-90°


Outline Drawing

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