Model A711-2A/B/C(4X)

The model A711-2(4X) Weatherproof Floor-mount Tiltmeter offers the same performance as the model A701-2(4X), but in a floor-mount package. Units are rated IP65 waterproof for use in wet, humid, and corrosive environments. The A711-2(4X) bolts or clamps to any horizontal surface, and is well suited for areas of heavy traffic or vibration. Units deliver <1 ?radian resolution or better. Output is a stable ±8 DC voltage (±16 VDC differential), and the powerful internal electronics will drive cables over 1000m. Use this precision tiltmeter for volcano monitoring, geotechnical engineering, structural monitoring, platform leveling, and any application where advanced protection from weather is required.



Additional Information

Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 4 in

Performance Specifications

A711-2A(4X) (High-gain)A711-2B(4X) (Mid-range)A711-2C(4X) (Wide-angle)
Angular Range (°)±8000 µradian (±0.46°)±4.0°±470°*
Scale Factor1 µradian/mV0.5°/V10°/V
Non-linearity (%)1%5% full (2% up to ±3°)4% full (1% half span)
Resolution<1 μradian1 μradian10 μradians
Repeatability2 μradians (static)2 μradians (static)20 μradian
Time Constant0.15 sec0.15 sec0.2 sec
Kz Temp Coefficient (°/C, typical)±4 μradians/°C (typical)±4 μradians/°C (typical)±0.004°/°C (typical)
Ks Temp Coefficient (%/°C, typical)±0.04%/°C (typical)±0.04%/°C (typical)±0.13%/°C (typical)
Output±8VDC (single ended); ±16VDC (differential)
ChannelsX-tilt, Y-tilt, Temperature
Output Impedance (Ω)270
Temperature Output0.1C/mV typical (single ended; 0C = 0mV)
Power±11 to ±15 VDC @ +11 and -6mA, 250 mV ripple max, reverse polarity protected
Environmental-25 to +70C operation; -30 to +100C storage, IP65 (NEMA 4X)
MaterialsAnodized and painted aluminum
Cable3m (10 ft) multiconductor cable + overall shield, PVC Jacket, connectors included


A711-2 (4X) Datasheet
Outline Drawing
A700s User Manual

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