Model ASG-3000-HT Asphalt Strain Gauge

Dynamic asphalt strain gauges measure axial strain in the flexible pavement under high frequency (dynamic) conditions. Utilizing four active elements of a Wheatstone bridge circuit, this gage compensates for temperature, rejects bending strain (may also be configured to measure bending and reject axial strains), and compensates for lead resistance providing a sensor that is easily
adaptable to most data acquisition systems without requiring additional signal conditioning.

This low-modulus, ruggedized sensor is built to withstand the high temperature and vibratory rolled compaction required for asphalt placement. Each sensor is individually calibrated and supplied with fabrication Quality-Control documentation.

Performance Specifications

Input Resistance350Ω Nominal
Output Resistance350Ω Nominal
Sensitivity at 1000 µϵ~1.3mV/V Nominal
Excitation2-5 VDC
Operating Temperature Range-34° to 200° C
Lead Wire#22 AWG Truck-Weight Lead Wire

*Specifications subject to change without notice on account of continued product development



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