Model 83162 Dual-Channel Signal Conditioning Card


The model 83162 is a precision, two-channel signal conditioning card for use with all Jewell miniature tilt sensors. Powerful electronics generate balanced AC sensor excitation for up to two tilt channels (X and Y), then amplify, rectify and filter sensor response to produce a high-level DC output signal. Output is ±8 VDC single-ended (±16 VDC differential).

Units conveniently come with two switchable gain and filter settings (high/low; on/off) for added signal processing flexibility. The 83162 also includes an amplifier for one LM35 temperature sensor and will drive tilt and temperature signals over 1000m cable lengths. All units include calibration when ordered with Jewell Instruments miniature tilt sensors. Use the model 83162 for peak performance from our 755, 756, or ceramic tilt sensor packages.



Additional information
Weight 1.1 oz
Dimensions 2.47 × 2.47 × 0.63 in
Performance Specifications

Performance Specifications

Input Channels2 Tilt Channel (X or Y), 1 LM35 Temperature Sensor
Output Signal±8 VDC single-ended (±16 VDC differential)
Gain Settings2 switchable, 10:1 ratio
Standard CalibrationSensor TypeHigh-GainLow-GainLinear-Range
755 Series0.1 µradian/mV1.0 µradian/mV±0.25°
756 Series1.0°/V1.0°/V±5.0
Output FiltersFilter “On” = 7.5 sec
Filter “Off” = 0.05 sec1
Roll-off = 6 dB/octave
Temperature Output0.1°C/mV (single-ended)
Power Requirements±11 to ±15 VDC @ +11 and -6 mA, 250 mV ripple max., reverse polarity protected
EnvironmentalOperation: -25 to +70°C
Storage: -30 to +100°C
0-90% humidity non-condensing
MaterialsFiberglass PCB, thru-holed soldered components

*Specifications subject to change without notice on account of continued product research and development.

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