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Use Kepware KEPServerEX OPC software that is designed to allow quick communication setup to your control systems using a wide range of available “plug-in” device drivers and components. With support for the Modbus RTU protocol and over 130 others. getting data to your client software is easy. KEPServerEx provides a common user interface for all drivers, providing consistent access from your client applications via Certified OPC or native interfaces.

The term “client/server application” in the industrial market has often come to mean the sharing of manufacturing or production data between a variety of client applications ranging from human machine interface software and data historians, to large MES and ERP applications. In order for client applications to get data, they must connect to a server that will retrieve it for them in a standard form. The problem is that there are many devices and systems in the industrial market that you might want to get data from, but each may speak a different “language” or protocol.

The KEPServerEX’s job is to get device and system data and translate it into a standard communication protocol (OPC or DDE) that all clients can receive and understand.

Download an expample project for DGH Modbus Modules below.

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Additional information

DGH Connectivity/OPC

DGH has selected KEPServerEX as the Modbus OPC server to best connect data into virtually any process control program or MS-Windows application that supports either OPC or DDE. The DGH Modbus RTU compatible I/O modules have been successfully tested with KEPServerEX and sample configuration files are available for download to shorten the configuration process.

Application Connectivity

Kepware KEPServerEX OPC server software supports the following client server technologies: OPC Data Access: 1.0a, 2.0, 2.05a, 3.0 DDE Formats: CF_Text, AdvancedDDE Other Formats: FastDDE & Suitelink for Wonderware, PDB Interface for iFIX

Single Server Interface

The Modbus RTU driver and others can be "plugged in" to one application which centralizes communications and greatly reduces user learning curves. The Kepware KEPServerEX OPC Server supports serial and Ethernet connectivity to the widest range of industrial control systems including: Allen Bradley, AutomationDirect, BACnet, GE, Honeywell, Mitsubishi, Modicon, Omron, Siemens, Texas Instruments, Yokogawa and many more.

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