DAQFactory is a PC based HMI / SCADA / data acquisition software program designed specifically for smaller systems, resulting in an easier to use and more affordable solution. DAQFactory software installations around the globe include applications in aerospace, automotive, agriculture, energy, power distribution, building management, manufacturing, water and wastewater, irrigation, mining, military, scientific and technology research, and education.

DAQFactory allows users to develop a very low cost data acquisition system with an HMI SCADA software interface. Combined with a DGH modules, users can easily measure analog process signals, display data values in real time with date and time stamp and store them to disk in a MS-Excel comma-delimited ASCII text file for future analysis.

The D6000 or D8000 series data acquisition modules are ideal for use with DAQFactory, offering seven analog input channels each capable of measuring different types of sensors.  The input channels are user-selectable and can measure signals including DC voltages, 4-20mA current loops, or eight different thermocouple temperature sensors. Along with the intuitive software interface, users can easily configure and visualize their system performance without any programming experience.

Preconfigured DAQFactory application files are available for the DGH modules. The files are free to download and use without restriction.

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• Cost effective Datalogger using DGH Modbus Modules • HMI/SCADA Interface • Real-Time Trending Data vs Time • Log to .CSV File, loads into MS-Excel

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