MEMS Accelerometers

MEMS Accelerometers

Jewell Instruments offers both analog and digital accelerometers utilizing MEMS capacitive technology. They can measure positive and negative acceleration in ranges up to +/-0.5g to +/-40g. With up to 500 Hz bandwidth, some models can be used for vibration measurement. You can get the exact MEMS capacitive accelerometer required for your application by choosing the g-range, bandwidth, analog or digital electrical output, etc.

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MEMS Precision Accelerometer Selector Guide

Features of MEMS Accelerometers Offered by Jewell Instruments

The MEMS accelerometers are designed to measure the linear acceleration of the material attached to it. Our inventory features analog AKA and JMA MEMS series as well as digital DKA accelerometer. These models have been widely used in linear acceleration and vibration measurement across industries. We believe the following features make them stand out.

  • Our AKA, DKA and JMA accelerometer series are designed on silicon micro-machined MEMS capacitive accelerometer technology.
  • They are designed for applications demanding low power and high stability.
  • All these series are available in single, dual, and tri-axis configurations and in rugged machined aluminum housing.
  • The DKA digital accelerometer is provided with RS485, RS232, TTL, and MODBUS digital interface outputs.
  • All our MEMS capacitive accelerometers feature ruggedized construction to protect them from environmental conditions.
  • RoHS-certified models

How Does a MEMS Accelerometer Work?

MEMS is a chip-based technology, known as a Micro Electro-Mechanical System. Sensors are composed of a suspended mass between a pair of capacitive plates. When motion is applied to the sensor, the suspended mass creates a difference in electric potential. The difference is measured as a change in capacitance.

A MEMS sensor provides the convenient features available with any other sensor line, but you don’t need to concern yourself with space constraints. MEMS utilizes very compact micro machine components so small that each sensor can fit into the palm of your hand. They have an IP67 seal and since the operating temperature range is -40° to +85°C, they will withstand some intense conditions.

These sensors are great solutions to applications that do not demand the highest accuracy such as industrial automation, platform leveling, position control, and pitch and roll measurement.

Some Common Applications of MEMS Accelerometers Offered by Jewell Instruments

  • Tower Cranes
  • Robotics
  • Wind Power Monitoring
  • Traffic System Analysis
  • Railway Maintenance and Testing
  • Aerospace and Space Craft Testing
  • Low-Frequency Vibration Measurement
  • Automatic Control Systems
  • Medical Equipment Testing
  • Large Machinery Monitoring
  • Vehicle Testing
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