Jewell Instruments has been supplying sensors for driver and driverless metro trains worldwide for nearly half a century. Our sensors are crucial components in safety and control systems providing a safe, controlled ride.

Our RailStar line offers high-performance sensors and control products for the rail transportation industry. Many of the products in this line meet CENELEC and AREMA Standards.

CENELEC & AREMA Tests Performed      CENELEC & AREMA Certified Models

Rail Maintenance of Way (RMOW)

Rail maintenance-of-way is a crucial part of keeping tracks in working order. From clearing ditches to removing ballasts from beneath the tracks to inserting ties, plates, and spikes, the work is grueling. Over the years, machinery has taken the place of manual labor. These massive machines require high accuracy and rugged solutions to measure low-frequency tilt where high shock & vibration are present. Jewell specializes in sensors that provide feedback for tilt in track construction, rail renewal projects, tie exchanges, rail resurfacing, and more.

Rail Automated Train Controls (RATC)

Railway trains make perfect candidates for driverless automation. The tracks are fixed and acceleration and deceleration can be moderated remotely using sensors. Jewell sensors can be found in rapid transit, metro, and high-speed train systems worldwide. Our sensors accurately determine train position using mathematical double integration providing train acceleration/deceleration and position feedback. Some can even accurately sense centripetal acceleration for railcar tilt control.

Rail Test and Measurement (RT&M)

Rail testing and measurement is a critical step in any maintenance program. The smallest inconsistency could spell disaster if overlooked. Jewell sensors provide high accuracy tilt input for laser surveying recorders establishing catenary, superelevation, and cross-rail position. Our sensors also provide information for pitch and roll, acceleration/deceleration, platform tilt, and vibration tests for railcars, subways, and tilt train applications. We also offer sensors that provide tunnel tilt measurement.

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