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QFM-180 Quartz Flexure Accelerometer Series

The Jewell Instruments QFM-180 Series Miniature Accelerometers are state-of-the-art quartz flexure technology that provides high accuracy, repeatability, and stability even in the harshest of environments.



Additional information

Weight 0.9 oz
Dimensions 0.866 × 0.866 × 0.717 in

• High Temperature Range
• Excellent Repeatability
• High Accuracy
• Environmentally Rugged
• High Stability
• Square Mounting Flanges
• Miniature Design
• Industrial Grade Applications


• Well borehole logging (Wireline)
• Measure While Drilling (MWD)
• Oil Drilling
• Orientation Systems for Drilling Applications
• Borehole Mapping

Performance Specifications


Acceleration Range (g maximum)1, 2±20
Scale Factor (mA/g)21.8 to 2.8
Bias (mg, maximum @25 °C)20
Axis Alignment (mRad, maximum @25 °C)4
Threshold & Resolution (µg, maximum)10
Bandwidth (Hz, minimum)300
Scale Factor Temperature Sensitivity (PPM/°C, maximum)±200
Bias Temperature Sensitivity (µg/°C, maximum)±150
Scale Factor Stability (1 month composite)<220 PPM
Bias Stability (1 month composite)<220µg
Noise (mgrms, maximum) (0Hz to 10kHz, maximum)4


Input Voltage (Vdc)±12 to ±18
Input Current (quiescent), mA, maximum20
Output Impedance (Ω)External Load Resistor Dependent


Operational Temperature Range-40 to +180°C
Vibration (sine, maximum)25 Hz to 500 Hz, 30g
Vibration (random) (Rectification, maximum)50 Hz to 500 Hz, 100 ug/g2rms
Shock (g)1000, 0.5msec, ½ sine

Custom Capabilities:
Scale factor shown in mA/g as standard.
If you require scale factor in volts/g, please specify voltage range when ordering.

1: Specifications apply and are characterized up to ±1g range. The accelerometer is capable of supplying acceleration information up to ±20g but at a reduced accuracy
2: Voltage output via customer supplied load resistor

*Specifications subject to change without notice due to continued product development.



Square Mounting Flange Outline Drawing
Round Mounting Flange Outline Drawing