Model A800P Portable Tiltmeter


The Model 800P Portable Tiltmeter is a versatile and accurate hand-held instrument for monitoring structural and foundation movement. Measurements are taken from tilt plates that have been cemented or bolted to any horizontal or vertical surface. Indexing bars on the bottom and sides of the tiltmeter enable you to reposition it accurately on the tilt plate, every time. When continuous monitoring is not required, Model 800P is an excellent choice because only one tiltmeter is needed to make measurements at an unlimited number of points.

The Portable Tiltmeter System includes one tiltmeter, one power and display unit, and a tough plastic carrying case. Ceramic or Aluminum Tilt plates are purchased separately.

Additional information
Weight 96 oz
Dimensions 5.6 × 4 × 5 in
Performance Specifications

Performance Specifications

Output ChannelsInclination, Temperature
Resolution0.0001 arc° (0.36 arc second)
Repeatability±0.004° typical
Angular Range±5° from null position
Non-linearity1% of full scale
Filtering2-pole Butterworth low-pass filter for removing noise from vibration or jitter
Environmental-25° to +70° operational
-30° to +100° storage
Sealed for use in damp environments; non-submersible.
MaterialsStainless steel; plastic sensor housing

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