Labview Data Acquisition Software

LabVIEW data acquisition software is a graphical programming environment that contains software connectivity to many different vendors instruments, including DGH analog input and digital I/O modules. The software provides an integrated user interface, allowing users to quickly and easily build automated test systems.  With LabVIEW, users can learn to develop applications in the LabVIEW programming environment, connect to any instrument regardless of vendor, and design a customized user interface. Users can also use any of the thousands of the included engineering analysis functions, and support for popular programming languages such as Python, C, and .NET.

Using DGH data acquisition modules with LabVIEW, users can build applications for use in production test, energy monitoring and more. The DGH analog input modules can measure industrial sensors with DC voltage outputs, 4-20mA current loops, eight different thermocouple types, strain gauges, and RTD temperature sensors. Along with the native software interface, users can implement engineering algorithms, and display the system information with ease.

Sample applications are available from DGH. Each downloadable sample contains a front panel graphic user interface (GUI) and the block diagram designed to communicate with the modules. The front panel GUI is easily customizable and the block diagrams can be modified to build more complex applications

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