DASYLab Data Acquisition Software

DASYLab data acquisition software is an “easy to use” data acquisition program designed for users who want to develop and deploy applications quickly. DASYLab offers real-time data analysis, control and the ability to create custom graphical user interfaces without programming. The icon-based software provides function modules that can be connected together to build an application. Function modules can be dropped on to an application worksheet and connected together using lines that define signal flow. The function modules can then be clicked on to open them and enter the proper configuration settings. The application can be deployed after all configuration settings are set correctly.

The list of features and function modules included within DASYlab varies by version. Five versions of DASYLab are available, Lite, Basic, Full, Pro and Runtime for developers. The Lite version is intended for use in applications that contain a small number of channels. The Full version offers complex data analysis and high channel counts required in most large systems. A complete list of features and functions is available in the DASYLab data sheet.

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For best compatibility, use our serial ASCII and Modbus RTU serial compatible modules with the 28-day free trial version to create and test applications after installation.  When the trial period expires then the program may be purchased or uninstalled.  Before purchasing the program, determine the Dasylab features required for the application to operate correctly and purchase the compatible version. The program can be easily reactivated after the purchase of a valid software license key.  Open the DASYLab Configurator that is part of the 28-day trial and enter the newly purchased software license key.  Close and re-open the program and the correct version functionality will be enabled.

DGH Sample Worksheets for Dasylab Software

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• Easy to Use Graphical Interface
• Real Time Data Logging and Control
• MQTT Publish and Subscribe
• Modbus Protocol Support
• Complex Data Analysis and Reporting • Create Python Script Modules

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