D5400M Modbus Thermistor Input Modules


The D5400M Modbus thermistor input modules measure four 2252 ohm thermistors.

The D5400M Modbus thermistor input modules provide an isolated 15-bit measurement, analog to digital conversion and a linearization of the digital data. The digital data values are scaled in 16-bit unsigned integer data format that represents a percentage of full scale. See the Modbus scaling example link below.

The digital data values are transmitted to a host computer using the Modbus RTU serial protocol via an RS-232 or RS-485 serial connection. The D5000M series supports up to 247 Modbus RTU devices on one RS-485 serial port. Since Modbus protocol does not support RS-232 echoing, D5000M series modules cannot be daisy-chained. This limits you to one module per RS-232 serial port.

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Modbus Scaling Overview

The D5400M Modbus thermistor input modules can be mounted on a DIN-rail using the MK-1 mounting kit.

Additional Information

Dimensions 3.6 × 2.45 × 1.1 in

• Thermistor types: 2252 Ohm at 25 degrees C.
• Accuracy: +/-0.1 degrees.
• Resolution: 0.01 degrees.
• Range: 0-100 degrees C.
• Common mode rejection: 100db at 50/60 Hz.
• User- selectable degrees C/degrees F scaling.
• Input burnout protection to 30Vdc.


RS-232 Only, RS-485 Only

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